DevOps Engineer


    • Manage and troubleshoot live production environments.
    • Manage projects on live production environments from end to end.
    • Be a part of an agile and independent team of DevOps engineers.
    • Test, build, design, deploy, and maintain continuous integration and continuous delivery.
    • Work closely with R&D teams to enable delivering features to production.
    • At least 3 years of experience as a DevOps engineer of a production environment.
    • Deep understanding of Linux OS. detect and troubleshoot problems.
    • Proven experience in automatic processes on Linux environments.
    • Experience with Windows Server OS, detect, and troubleshoot problems.
Powershell Skills - Big Advantage.
    • Strong experience with Cloud providers and Infrastructure as code tools.
AWS - An advantage.
Terraform - Big advantage.
    • Feel comfortable with code, coding standards, and testing.
    • Familiarity with network terms and experience with troubleshooting problems.
    • Understanding and implementing security methods.
    • Experience with Containers and Microservices - an advantage.
    • Self-learning enthusiasm.
    • Responsibility - Taking, not receiving.
    • Approachability and kindness.