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Program Manager


Responsibility and Authority 

The Program Manager drive and Implement the given

business vision and strategy through program execution to hit the market window

and company objectives.  


  • Matrix manager

    that is responsible to integrate, synchronize and synergize the different Operation and R&D tasks in the company across all the functions managers and departments.   

  • Manage the Program execution across the company domains (Silicon Design, FW, HW     Design, Operation, Quality, customer support / Application teams, and marketing teams)  from Product Definition through full system delivery to Program EOL.    
    • Organize, plan and oversee Programs schedules and budgets.   
    • Implement and track the Development Process and Program metrics.        
  • Manage the program execution communication inbound and outbound.   
  • Understand and solve customer problem/needs, and enable company  business. 

    Position Requirements    

  • B.SC. EE degree or Computer Science from a leading university.   
  • MBA degree-highly desirable   
  • Over 10 years of experience in the Semiconductor industry.   
  • Proven experience of managing complex multi-disciplinary programs. 

 Additional qualifications include: 

 Strong business acumen and experience in product planning and strategy.     

  • Exceptional communications and organization skills    
  • Solid understanding of the silicon design processes, post silicon manufacturing,

    validation, and software development.    

  • Capable of establishing and maintaining successful relationships with partner


  • Role model accountability, possess excellent teamwork, demonstrate problem solving

     and thinking outside of the box    

  • Effectively engage with customers    
  • Make and facilitate decisive decision making under time pressure   
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