Senior Software Engineer



The job holder’s duties or responsibilities are not limited to those listed below.

The job holder is expected to perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Director, Software Development & Site Manager.

Develop the control station of revolutionary medical system which treats tumors using focused ultrasound integrated with MRI system.

Develop and implement the control station which manages the entire treatment flow of multi-disciplinary system which combines MRI and ultrasound phased arrays. The control station uses technologies such: Computer Geometry, Computer Graphic, Image Processing, Algorithms, Simulations, and others to enable planning and managing of the treatment flow.


The job holder’s duties and responsibilities include any of the following:

Design and implement effective solutions in C++ and C#.
Write unit-tests
Bugs investigation and fixing
Participate code-review process
Implement new features which might involve knowledge in several domains such - code architecture, performances optimization, code refactoring, data-base, algorithms.

Help in rearrangement and refactoring of existing code