Senior UI Software Engineer


   Develop new UI interface and medical device workstation that integrates user interface, algorithms, clinical workflow controls and tools which serve and support experience for revolutionary medical system which treats tumors and brain diseases using focused ultrasound integrated with MRI system.   Work in C++ and C# in Visual Studio window environment. Starting from learning the needs and continue to design & complete implementation of the code in a fast paced together with the R&D team.  Design and implement new architecture for existing old legacy code that should be converted into WPF technology, include rearranging the code into functional modules and layers architecture.    Requirements:
      High experience with window-based UI technologies, especially WPF.      High experience in SW UI architecture design.     High experience in C++ (and modern C++), C#, .Net, Window environment.     Hands on with high programing skills.     Excellent university graduate in Computer Science, (preferably graduate degree)     Proven courses in SW UI architecture.     Minimum 10 years of proven experience in code development.     Minimum 7 years of proven experience as UI SW architecture.     Minimum 4 years of proven experience in WPF technology.    Modern C++, C#, in Visual Studio window environment.    High motivated team player.    Advantage: knowledge in C++/CLI, QT, Web technologies, XAML.    Advantage: familiar with FDA regulation and SW documentations.  Advantage: Experience with Open GL shaders, GPU acceleration techniques.